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Resilient Mindset Coaching

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Helping people transition out of stagnation to restore balance and cultivate happiness.

Putting Yourself First

Work on set goals, discover your top 5 priorities, learn tools to set boundaries with yourself and others.


Learnings, teachings, tips & tricks for anyone to reference during difficult times, stressful workdays and moments when manifesting your true self.


Small, manageable steps everyday that bring you closer to your goals.


Weekly meetings with your coach to keep you on track.


Celebrating you and the progress you have made.

      As a Certified Health, Life and Transformation Coach, I understand the struggle and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to start. Or maybe feeling trapped by the stress of your everyday responsibilities like your job, family, status, etc... That’s why my objective is simple: give my clients the wellness education, and tools they need to feel happy, healthy, confident and capable of managing life’s pressures while holding space for their own goals and desires. 

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Client Testimonials

Hi, I just wanted to take some time to write a review because the Resilient Mindset Coaching program was truly life changing and to be honest I feel like everyone needs a life coach at least once in their lifetime. When I first started this program I was in a bit of a rut and just couldn’t figure out how to break out of certain habits that we’re detrimental to the lifestyle that I wanted to achieve. With Madeline’s help I not only was able to find the motivation needed to achieve my personal goals but I learned so much about myself along the way. Her style of coaching is one of a kind, I never felt judged (even when I would cancel our meetings last minute because of my own self sabotaging behaviors) and she was always a phone call or text away whenever I felt I needed the support. Her coaching was not bound to our meetings alone, she truly was there any time that I needed her, to hold me accountable or just to hear me out. It was sort of like having a personal therapist but that was also going to give you all of the tools necessary to be successful in life or what you wanted to achieve out of the coaching. She was wonderful! We touched on topics that I didn’t even realize where an issue, such as eating habits, consistency, routines and better scheduling methods, setting and creating healthy boundaries in all aspects of life, and so many others. Overall, I feel like because of her program I was able to uncover the behaviors that were holding me back and solutions for them. I am extremely thankful to her and her program and I a thousand percent recommend it to everyone no matter your age or stage of life that you may be at because the knowledge and information you will get out of it will be useful for a lifetime! It is the best investment anyone can make! 10/10 would recommend ☺️

Katie Tarin

What a great experience! Madeline is a wonderful coach who, not only helped me lose 15lbs, but also helped me gain clarity on what I really want out of life. She encouraged me to set and accomplish my goals while teaching me how to get out of my own way and cheering me on the entire time. I am incredibly grateful for our time together and everything I've learned!

Jennifer Lichens

I sought Madeline's help to lose weight naturally. Not only did I achieve my physical goals, Madeline taught me SO much about having an overall healthy and positive lifestyle/mindset. The individual coaching she offers targets your personal goals and habits. Madeline finds tools and tips that help YOU, individually, and she checks in with you regularly, which helps you stay consistent and make changes accordingly. Working with Madeline changed my life for the better. She helped me learn to love myself again and made it extremely easy to make positive changes in my life and daily routine. I definitely recommend her coaching package! Everyone needs a mindset coach in their life!

Jazmin Fludd

Truly a great experience if you are looking to change your life in a positive way! Madeline helped me shift my focus from the Chaos of everyday life, to paying more attention as to where my thoughts and energy were truly going towards . While working with her, l learned a lot about accepting who l am and how to work towards the person l want to become. We worked on everything from daily diet, to exercise tips, personal/career goals, daily habits, meditation, and breath work. She helped me set goals for self progress on both short term and long term goals and taught me that it's ok if l don't meet those goals on time. I just needed to make changes in my approach or my end date or both. If you are ready to improve your mindset and become the person you want to be, get in touch with Madeline. She will help you change your life!

Jack Simplot

Highly Recommend Madeline!! When I first started the program I was hesitant to open up and I was not happy in life. By working with her she helped me figure myself out and work on habits that benefited me and my way of growing into the person I want to be. Thanks to her I have begun to grow and love my self; and become to enjoy new habits I never thought I could do. She was with me every step of the way at my own pace. Overall she is an amazing coach and even more amazing of person. She was wonderful to work with and I will be continuing more coaching from her in the future. If you are looking for a coach who truly supports you Madeline is the one. 10/10 Recommend!

Karla Lopez

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           My Story

  My name is Madeline Perez and I began my health & wellness journey in 2015. I have always known my purpose is to serve others and I am proud to do so in a positive and meaningful way. As a certified health, life and transformation coach, I am passionate about the longevity of humanity and committed to helping others achieve what they desire most in life.

   Through my own journey of building a healthy and grounded lifestyle, I have a deeper understanding of the many challenges one may how to maintain a healthy weight, what foods are best for your body, how to love yourself, remove self-destructive habits, shift mindsets and feel aligned in all areas of your life. This empowers me to hold space for my clients with the highest level of empathy, respect, and compassion.

  I am honored to present Resilient Mindset Coaching as a healing platform for others. It has been a dream of mine to have a business of my own to guide and support people with their lives. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your transformational journey.  

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